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Who we are


Who We Are


Mike Chacko

Co-founder – My passion for hair was born more out of necessity than curiosity. When I was nine years old, a barber carelessly chopped off the sideburns I had been meticulously growing for months. From that point on, I took it upon myself and learned how to cut my own hair.

After finishing university and dabbling in the world of finance, an opportunity arose for me to learn to cut hair professionally, this time on other people. Now, years later, what started as a hobby has turned into a craft, and launching Freyja seemed like the natural next step.

When I’m not behind the chair, I’m busy sharing a moment with my wife, son, and my closest friends.


Ewelina Wnęk

Co-founder - As a teenager in the 90’s, I was immersed in both grunge and rave culture. Inspired by these two worlds, my hair underwent a series of colour treatments and cuts.

During college, I experimented with many mediums while studying visual arts, but eventually gravitated towards hair. I was drawn in by the endless possibilities of playing with colour and texture, as well as the exciting pace of a busy salon. Well over a decade into my career as a stylist, I still love being creative and challenged by each head of hair. 

Today, among many things, I am a mother who is primarily influenced by the philosophy of slow living. By co-founding Freyja, I am building an environment in which I can balance work and self-nourishment, with the goal of setting a new standard for our industry.


Debbie Stapleton

As a hairstylist, I bring over 20 years of commitment to this art, coupled with my complimentary studies in Yoga, Indian Head Massage, Herbalism, and Astrology. I seek to offer an elevated, holistic experience to those in my chair, where the way you express yourself can be connected to your world around you, and the world of your soul within. 

Beauty can be a look, but enduring beauty can be a feeling of health, balance, and peace, knowing you are living in harmony with your core values and the Earth. Frejya’s commitment to this philosophy makes it a unique space to realize these ideals. My wish is that we can collaborate here to craft your sense of style, helping you to feel authentic in this moment, while building a relationship that allows us to adapt to evolving trends and personal need.  As a painter and textile artist, I see hair as another medium for creation, where I combine a love of natural form with architecture, to create styles that are as fresh and relevant as they are timeless and classic.

In the end, what has kept me in the field of hair for so long is people and their stories. I look forward to hearing yours, and all of the free ranging, conscious conversations we may explore... 


Letizia (slaayer) sprio

Since I was young I have always been attracted to everything indulged by beauty; aesthetics were always a must. Unsurprisingly, my journey eventually led to my current work as a hair artist. 

My training began with L’Oréal Professional, where I took part in shows, competitions, and had the opportunity to assist great creative minds. These early days felt somewhat structured and predictable, as I sought to balance the growth of my professional skills with the nurturing of my deeper creative capacity as an artist. 

My curiosity never rested, as I experimented with styles and strove to continually create linkages between beauty, fashion, and the elements surrounding me in an urban setting. 

 Working with other creative minds over the years has inspired me and helped me to evolve into the hair artist I am today.  Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to have my work (along with collaborating artists) featured in a number of editorials, look books, and corporate publications. I’m particularly fond of my work in Beware Mag, as well as a publication I contributed to for vintage fashion brand Parachute, and my work with Sticks and Stones Agency. 


Mathieu (Squelette) Richard

By nature, I would consider myself to be a creative person. This creativity, coupled with my playful energy, made me well suited for hairdressing school 15 years ago. Since then, I have been cultivating my hair colouring prowess, and mastering various techniques, including creating natural looks, adding babylights, framing the face, balayage, and playing with beautiful tones of red and copper. 

Beyond my professional career, I’m passionate about the finer things in life: food, DOGS, caffeine, YouTube, and Beyoncé . When I’m not working with hair, I feed my creative side through movies, art, 90’s culture, and music (I even played in a band for almost 10 years!). My overall life philosophy is to keep things fun and dynamic – an energy I try to bring to Freyja and my clients everyday.


Ean (hair magicean) Frear

I feel hair blends my need to be creative and perfectly utilizes my artistic strengths and background. From viewing short cuts as sculptural, painting as creating those effortless blondes, and curls just bring me pure joy too see them come to life.

When I'm not behind the chair I'm at home getting meowed at by my two cats Kevin and Peppercorn, organizing my belongings with the KonMari method and creating art in the mediums of drawing, painting or photography.

I find immense joy working with individuals and interpreting hair needs into a cut or colour that best suits them.

michael rp.jpg

MIchael Riley Phillips

I have been cutting hair for over ten years. During those years, I founded and led One Block Barbershop in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Working alongside a team of talented stylists at One Block, I developed my own distinctive approach to cutting hair and building communication.

I am inspired by queer street fashion, natural texture and DIY aesthetics. I believe there are no "bad" hair styles, only that context and suitability are very important. I am naturally very curious and love collaborating with anyone who thinks that the unlikely or the mischievous can be beautiful. Taking the time for consultation and coming up with a concept for your hair cut / colour is one of my favourite parts of delivering a service.

When I am not practicing hair, you can find me @born_again_beautician practicing other kinds of magic and taking care of myself and friends.


Noam Auger (apprentice)